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Matter of the Heart

Wilhelm Busch the Painter
3 March – 10 June 2019


Fellows in red jackets

›Some fellows in red jackets belong in a picture gallery‹, wrote Paul Klee appreciatively in 1908, when he visited the memorial exhibition in Munich in honour of Wilhelm Busch (1832–1908). Here the famous creator of humorous picture stories could be discovered as a painter for the first time – with striking portraits, atmospheric genre scenes and animated landscapes, in which peasants in red jackets often attract the eye.

Busch’s painterly side is still little known – and no wonder, as the artist, who was plagued by self-doubt, kept his mostly
small-format paintings hidden from view during his lifetime. So a visual cosmos that was particularly close to Busch’s heart
remained on the periphery, even for connoisseurs. Yet his miniatures deserve much recognition: their often impetuous,
sketchy brushwork unites a love of 17th-century Dutch painting, 19th-century traditions and 20th-century love of

With around seventy loans from the Wilhelm Busch Museum – The German Museum for Caricature and the Art of Drawing
in Hanover, the exhibition Matter of the Heart offers a comprehensive view of the world of the painter Wilhelm Busch.