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Welcome to the art collection of the Ernst Barlach Haus. Here you will find more than 450 drawings, around 150 sculptures made of wood, bronze, ceramics, porcelain, terracotta and plaster, as well as almost 30 sculptures made of wood – Barlach's most important material.

Get to know our collection and discover the art of Ernst Barlach.

By entering a word in the search box above, you will find direct access to individual titles. In the Collection overview numerous filter offers you the possibility to display works according to certain characteristics. You just want to have a look? Then stroll through our collections on this page to get to know the diverse art of Ernst Barlach.

Whichever way you choose, we wish you a pleasant stay.

All entries will be completed continuously, in the long run we will also publish here our collections of prints, autographs or portfolio works of Ernst Barlach. You are welcome to send printable image files of our motifs via E-mail request. Please take into account that our photographs may not be used without the appropriate image credits. All works in our collection are categorized according to the catalogs of works by Elisabeth Laur or Annette Wittboldt.

We wish you a pleasant stay in our Collection and look forward to perhaps whetting your appetite for a visit in front of the originals here in the Ernst Barlach Haus.